We are experienced
smart house integrators


We guide you through selection of the best smart systems, design & features.

We DESIGN for you

We do all planning, calculation & system design.

We INTEGRATE for you

We do all integration, installation & programming.


We don't leave you alone - we support, change & update up to your requests.

Smart Home is for Your


  • Welcomes You warm & cosy
  • Controls the lighting
  • Waters the lawn
  • Connects & controls all Your appliances
  • Provides You security
  • Wakes You up with the music & fresh coffee
  • Welcomes back You home
Smart Home keeps You in


  • Monitors & notifies You 24/7
  • Protects Your house from fire & gas leakage
  • Closes the doors & gates after You
  • Detects the possible flood & alerts You
  • Turns off an iron if You accidentally forget
  • Reduces housing maintenance costs
  • Remote controlled from Your smartphone

Custom made app for you

For every client we create custom app based on project specifics & customer design.

  • Fully Customizable
  • Intuitive & easy to use
  • Pre-progammed Scenes & Rules
  • For Smartphone & Tablet
  • iOS & Android

Smart Home Features

We advice & design system & it's features based on your daily habbits, home environment & comfort level you desire.

Smart Heating & Ventilation

  • Eco-friendly heat control – save energy
  • HVAC control based on your daily routine & comfort
  • Warm your villa before your arrival

Smart Lights

  • Save energy & environment with smart lights control
  • Create desired mood with interior lights & colours
  • Light up only where & when needed

Smart Home Appliances

  • Control your home appliances with single app
  • With movie scene prepare multimedia & sound system, dim lights & close shutters
  • Start iRobot cleaner after you leave home

Smart Outdoor Maintenance

  • Leave gardening, watering, lawn cutting & outdoor lightning duties for your smart home.

Smart Security

  • Be secure, control & know what happens when you are away
  • Lock your door, check gates & cameras. Get push notification in case of emergency
  • Open gates with your car plate or finger scan

Remote Control

  • Control & monitor your home from any place. Check home appliance status
  • Pet your dog with voice enabled cameras
  • Open door for postman

The design possibilities
are endless

Smart House Solutions

We provide Smart House Solutions from small apartments to mega shopping malls.


Loxone, KNX, EnOcean

- Wireless technologies for retrofitting
- Full Smart House availabilities
- Used systems: KNX, Loxone, EnOcean, Zwave

Private House & Villa

KNX, Dali, EnOcean, Modbus

Full Smart House features:
- Smart lights
- Smart heating, conditioning & ventilation
- Smart home appliances management (iRobot, shutters, Multimedia, sound systems)
- Smart security & entrance (cameras, integration with security system, gate control, door locks, lights)
- Smart outdoor management (watering, lawn cut, light)
- Customized app
- Systems used: KNX, Savant, Lutron, Modbus, Loxone, EnOcean

Offices, shopping malls & hotels

KNX, Modbus, Dali, Lonworks

Custom solutions for industrial buildings:
- Smart lights control
- Smart HVAC control
- Smart meeting room system (availability, booking, preparation) - in cooperation with TableAir
- Smart multimedia control
- Smart entrance control
- Guest welcome scene after check-in
- Integration with Hotel systems
- Easy administration
- Systems used: KNX, Modbus, Dali, Lonworks

Top end smart house systems

We design, select & combine the best in world Smart House systems.

  • Only the best smart house systems
  • Tested & used by millions
  • Wired & wireless solutions
  • Accredited with the highest standards
  • Used worldwide

Plenty of happy customers

AUDI Sport Showroom


Customized showroom light control based on highest Audi standarts:
- App control
- Light temperature & color
- Scenes

Danske Bank Office


Smart light control in Danske Bank office:
- Smart scenes
- Constant light

WOW City Residential Apartments


Smart house system to all vacation apartments:
- Zwave
- Light control
- Heating control
- Smart lock & entrance
- App

Classic Resident Apartment

Stockholm Old Town

Full smart house solution:
- Lights control
- Smart security
- Smart scenes
- Custom app

Private houses

Lithuania & Sweden

Smart house systems to plenty of exited customers with full KNX & DALI Smart House solutions:
- Smart lights
- Smart HVAC
- Smart shades
- Smart alarm
Smart multimedia
- Smart outdoor automation
- Custom made app

EIKA Resitential Apartments


Full smart apartment system:
- Smart lights
- Smart heating
- Integration with
- AC
- Recuperation
- Alarm system
- App
Smart House Professionals

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